May 17, 2022
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Phil Schembra

 Philip A. “Phil” Schembra knows firsthand that the road to success in any endeavor is built on motivation, discipline, and a commitment to excellence. Following these guidelines, he has become a real estate entrepreneur, speaker, author and publisher. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of Schembra Corporation, which encompasses Schembra Real Estate Group, Hilton Head Island Performance Group and Restoring America’s Greatness.

Phil’s passion for motivation, excellence and gaining the competitive edge was nurtured at Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey, where he was an All-State Group I football player and member of the track team. In the 60’s, they had the highest winning percentage in the state of New Jersey, losing only three games in ten years.  

Hilton Head Island Performance Group was founded by Phil in 1979 to publish a line of life learning weekly planners focusing on achieving excellence and gaining the competitive edge. He has authored, written on the principles of time management, life learning, goal setting, being prepared, team building, and leadership and spoken to a diverse group of corporations, charitable organizations, entrepreneurs and people in the world of sports who have been a resource to reinforce his mindset as a life learner.

The Company is located on world-famous Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and New York City.

Tony Lo Bianco

Tony Lo Bianco speaks on Mental Toughness, Resiliency, and overcoming “NO”.  Tony’s career in speaking includes over 150 keynote speeches, in the public and corporate market.

Tony Lo Bianco has starred in the Academy Award-winning film The French Connection. He is Tony-nominated and winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award in A View from the Bridge on broadway. He has also won an Obie Award for Yanks-3, Detroit-0, Top of the 7th and an Emmy award for his portrayal of Fiorello La Guardia in Hizzoner! In Film, he has starred in The Juror, Blood Brothers, City Heat, Nixon, The Seven Ups, Honeymoon Killers, and Kill the Irishman, and many more,  totaling 102 films. He has directed one feature and 5 television shows.

What you probably didn’t know is that Tony was “never right” for any part he got. Casting directors were always saying, “we don’t want Tony Lo Bianco, he’s not right for the part.” He had to prove that he was right for the part. He had to prove himself day after day, spending a lifetime overcoming “no.” But that skill doesn’t only apply to the entertainment industry. It applies to life.

The entertainment industry has given Tony life experience that is nothing less than extraordinary. He has lived a life of love, loss, success, failure and everything in between. He has developed a skill set that takes a lifetime to achieve.

There is a message in Tony’s soul that he shares: “through hardship and hard work, creativity grows and flourishes.” He encourages failure; he welcomes failure, because only then can somebody grow.  That is the process of life. If someone has an insecurity, he beats it out of them. If someone has failed at something, he gets them through it.

Tony Lo Bianco as a man is an incredible force. He has a mental toughness and resiliency that he wants to teach to people. How to overcome your insecurities and failures. How to overcome “no.” We would like for you to know Tony Lo Bianco as a man – a man who has something to say and something to give. Let him give it to you. 

The Power Of The Pen
We have designed the perfect program to help you improve your personal and professional development to maximize your successes.

Our weekly planner offers a week at a glance with daily recall of learning tips, space for appointments, health and wellness, notes, things to do, and space for your personal and professional goals on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. With a flip of a page, you can plan your week or your month. Remember, there are no batteries to recharge, no annoying alarms to hear and pens are available everywhere! Utilizing your planner with your digital devices will give you maximum efficiency!

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