May 17, 2022
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“Thanks for an excellent job on the custom NFLPA Player Planner produced by Hilton Head Island Performance Group, Inc. in conjunction with the NFL Players Association. The Player Planner contains helpful advice and great ideas for self-improvement and includes organizational tips for our players and Association members.”

Trace Armstrong
NFL Players Association
President, 1996-2003

“I have made great use of THE TOTAL EXECUTIVE® planner for several years and salute you for creating such an outstanding product.”

Bart Starr
Green Bay Packers
Hall of Fame Quarterback

“It’s great to be able to open THE TOTAL PERSON® planner to any page and find a helpful and stimulating idea.”

Johnny Bench
Cincinnati Reds
Hall of Fame Catcher

“When it is one’s responsibility to motivate and stimulate 90 plus NBA Head and Assistant Coaches for one hour, there is only one person who could accomplish that goal, Phil Schembra.”

Brendan Suhr
1992 USA Olympic Dream Team
Head Scout
1989, 1990 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons
Assistant Coach

“Our entire basketball team has used THE TOTAL STUDENT-ATHLETE and found it to be an invaluable tool to motivate, stimulate and organize.”

Jim Calhoun
University of Connecticut
Head Basketball Coach, Retired
NCAA Champions
1999, 2004, 2011
Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

“As a professional lacrosse player, college lacrosse coach and lacrosse camp entrepreneur, THE TOTAL PERSON® planner has enabled me to prioritize important tasks and projects, keep track of meetings and appointments and help me organize my life by giving me the edge I need to succeed in my personal and professional lives.”

Kevin Cassese
Lehigh University Men’s Lacrosse
Head Coach

“Your presentation on leadership and gaining the competitive edge to our players, coaches and management groups was a source of inspiration and motivation to all of us.”

The Late Chuck Daly
1992 USA Olympic Dream Team, Head Coach
Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

“We were delighted that you were able to participate in the meetings again this year, as I know that your positive thoughts about harnessing and motivating a team are well appreciated by our coaches.”

David J. Stern
National Basketball Association
Commissioner, 1984-2014

“Your planners were a big hit with the guests at the Jesse Owens International Trophy Award Dinner. They are invaluable aids in the goal planning process for athletes at all levels, and particularly for those who desire to improve their academic and/or vocational performance.”

Herb Douglas
International Amateur Athletic Assoc., Inc.
Founder, 1980
Track and Field Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1948

“Our team members really got a great lift from your thoughtful and moving presentation.”

Mike Fratello
TV Analyst
NBA Coach of the Year, 1986

“Your talk at the NFL Players Association meeting was truly inspirational and gave the men some very positive things to think about. Many thanks.”

The Late Gene Upshaw
NFL Players Association
Executive Director, 1983-2008
Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame Guard

“I believe that THE TOTAL STUDENT™ is a great product for all students and student-athletes. The system is a perfect tool to help organize a student’s busy day and helps them use their time more productively.”

Gregg Grost
Golf Coaches Association of America
Executive Director

“THE TOTAL EXECUTIVE® is an excellent tool for our team. HHIPG was able to integrate our own Grizzlies calendar, which has been essential in keeping everyone informed.”

Lionel Hollins
Brooklyn Nets
Head Coach

“THE TOTAL PERSON® planner has a lot of wonderful ideas and suggestions on every page which I find interesting and stimulating.”

Isiah Thomas
Detroit Pistons
Hall of Fame Guard

“THE TOTAL STUDENT™ is an excellent tool that the student athletes can use to gain the most from their sports participation. The planner supports the educational mission of the high school sport experience.”

Bob Kanaby
National Federation of State High School Associations
Executive Director, 1993-2010

“Throughout my career, many teams have successfully used your life learning weekly planners. They are an invaluable tool, and I highly recommend them to all professional sports teams to help management, coaches, support staff and players achieve excellence and gain the competitive edge.”

Stan Kasten
Los Angeles Dodgers
President and Part Owner

“When I’m off the ice, it helps to get my feet solidly on the ground with some excellent ideas and suggestions in your educational and motivational planner.”

Mark Messier
Kingsbridge National Ice Center,
Chief Executive Officer
Hockey Hall of Fame, 2007
Six-Time Stanley Cup Champion
1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1994

“Using THE TOTAL PERSON® planner is an easy way for me to organize both my personal and professional life. This incredibly valuable tool enables me to create ideas, to set goals and serve as motivation to achieve them everyday, all year long.”

Mike Richter
New York Rangers All-Star Goalie, 1989-2003
U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, 2008

“THE TOTAL STUDENT™ is outstanding. The additional information is very helpful, and our players love them.”

Larry Penley
Clemson University, Head Golf Coach
NCAA East Regional Champions
2002, 2003, 2004

“I am extremely pleased to share testimonials with you from some of the most recognizable people in the world of sports and education. I am proud that, over the years, they have chosen our life learning weekly planners or services to help them in their quest to achieve excellence and gain the competitive edge. Sports competition requires the most demanding individual and team performance of any profession.”

Philip A. Schembra
President and CEO
Hilton Head Island Performance Group

“The NFL High School Player Development Program sponsored by the National Guard is a significant program that provides student-athletes with a way to channel their hard work and determination into a pattern of lifetime success on and off the field. Your effort in designing the HSPD Student and Coach Planners, which include life skills material throughout, has been well received. These planners help student-athletes improve their academic and organizational skills as well as plant the seed of development into a lifelong learner.”

Ray Anderson
Arizona State University, Athletic Director
National Football League Football Operations
Executive Vice President, 2006-2013

“We pride ourselves in attempting to prepare our team for every little detail. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate THE TOTAL PERSON® planner as a way of organizing our staff.”

Rick Pitino
University of Louisville
Head Basketball Coach

“Hilton Head Island Performance Group’s life learning weekly planner hits the nail on the head on every page with motivational and inspirational ideas.”

Stan Smith
Hall of Fame Tennis Player

“THE TOTAL EXECUTIVE® and THE TOTAL PERSON® planners have continued to be a huge success as a corporate gift for the sponsors, players and volunteers for the Heritage Golf Tournament held at Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island.”

Stephen J. Wilmot
RBC Heritage Golf Tournament
Tournament Director

“Your planner is a tremendous help to our players in keeping their schedules organized on and off the road so that they can keep their minds and bodies focused on the game.”

Willie Randolph
Monument Park Honoree, 2015
New York Yankees Coach, 1994-2004
New York Yankees Co-Captain, 1986-1988
New York Yankees 2nd Baseman, 1976-1988
Six – Time World Series Champion
1977, 1978 (Player), 1996, 1998,1999,
2000 (Coach).

The Power Of The Pen
We have designed the perfect program to help you improve your personal and professional development to maximize your successes.

Our weekly planner offers a week at a glance with daily recall of learning tips, space for appointments, health and wellness, notes, things to do, and space for your personal and professional goals on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. With a flip of a page, you can plan your week or your month. Remember, there are no batteries to recharge, no annoying alarms to hear and pens are available everywhere! Utilizing your planner with your digital devices will give you maximum efficiency!

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